I want to thank @afloiaofficial for #gifting us this Afloia HEPA air purifier.

I had been thinking for quite some time about getting one for our home – because of the recent pandemic, and the fact that’s we are spending so much more time in our home I knew it was more important now more than ever. With it being so cold in NY and having our home closed up I knew an air purifier would help, especially with dust.

This unit is small but mighty and cleans 800 sq feet once an hour and even more for smaller spaces. Its lightweight and portable so it can be moved around our home and its so quiet I don’t even realize its running. Scroll through the photos and see how nice it fits into one of Josie’s play spaces.

You can find this Afloia model and several others on Amazon and I also linked it in my bio. Thank you @afloiaofficial!

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