taking a d-e-e-p breathe 🌳🍃⠀

As we continue to spend more time at home with Avery speed crawling, attempting to walk, and putting everything into her mouth, we want to reduce the amount of harmful air particles floating around in our living space. ⠀

We have tested out the Fillo Air Purifier that was kindly #gifted to us by @afloiaofficial the past week and we can honestly say that it has made a difference in the air quality in our home. Avery suffers from baby eczema so we are cautious of what she comes in contact with various aspects (clothing, food, lotions, etc) and air quality is definitely one of the many things that we needed to tackle! ⠀

The machine itself tucks nicely into a corner of the living room and is extremely quiet! I set it on a 2 hour timer for auto shut off and sometimes I have to do a double take because it’s that quiet! ⠀

Setting up an air purifier was a game changer for us 🪴 Do you guys have an air purifier at home? How are you guys liking it so far? Share your experience with me below! 🧡⠀

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