My #chinesedollarplant is loving its new home

My #chinesedollarplant is loving its new home and it looks so sweet next to our @afloiaofficial Air Purifier!

#gifted The winters in Southern Alberta are known to be so cold. Like the “air hurts your face” cold, which makes opening the windows a rare occasion. But the air inside the house can get so stale! You know what I mean?

The @afloiaofficial Air Purifier has made all the difference this winter. It’s soothing fan sound helps me sleep and that’s huge right now for me #17weekspregnant. It removes air borne particles like dust, which helps my congestion which gets so bad when I’m pregnant. Even my husband has noticed a difference with his allergies. It’s even got a night light for when it’s in Mal’s room and a timer so it doesn’t run all the time!

You can check out the air purifier on their website, along with their dehumidifiers and humidifiers too!

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