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Before having Blake, I never used an air purifier. I have heard many great things about it but never felt the need to get one. After having Blake and with this lockdown, it is important more than ever to ensure that the air Blake is breathing at home has been filtered.

Thank you @afloiaofficial for #gifting us the Filio Air Purifier.

I have noticed a difference in the air quality. My husband is sneezing less from his allergies and it helps eliminate the kitchen smell within minutes after cooking. Having this air purifier gives me reassurances on the air quality of my home.

I also love how small and compact it is. I can basically move it room to room. It’s currently in my living room as Blake and I spend most of the day, but whenever I start cooking, I bring it into the kitchen to help eliminate the odor.

Do you use an air purifier at home? If so, which room do you use it in?

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