It’s definitely a lazy kinda Friday

It’s definitely a lazy kinda Friday
Recently I’ve been reading up on how important it can be to know the air quality in your home. Especially now with so many people staying home more for longer periods of time. At first I started with some air purifying plants, but then I decided that with how often I spend at home, I was gonna take the next step and get an air purifier. This purifier from @afloiaofficial is really amazing guys, it lets you control how often it runs, very clearly displays the quality on the front, and the top ring glows depending on the quality (and it will blink when the filter needs to be replaced which is great for someone like me because outside of my plant routines I forget to do stuff like that a lot 😅) So I’m definitely over the moon about having this in the house and being able to actively monitor the air quality. If you guys are interested they have tons of style and sizes available, so be sure to check out their page or their link in my bio!

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