Last week we posted our review of the @afloiaofficial Mage Air Purifier

Last week we posted our review of the @afloiaofficial Mage Air Purifier, and today we want to share our experience with the T8 Plus Dehumidifier. #ad It’s a relatively small unit (about 15” tall and 9” wide) that’s very, very quiet. We run it all the time in the living room next to Klaus’ window bed and he doesn’t mind the light hum at all — he’s basically falling asleep in this photo and both products are on and running! We had issues with the living room windows collecting lots of condensation in the winter months here in Seattle — that’s actually the moisture that destroyed his famous bacon bed. This dehumidifier does the trick keeping the humidity levels where they need to be (it’s designed for spaces around 215 sq ft). It has a 2 liter capacity tank and it shuts off automatically when full. Simple, effective, super quiet — and affordable. Check the #Afloia link in our link list ( to browse the products. They all have excellent reviews, and they’re backed by a lifetime warranty. You can use code KLAUS on select products to save an extra 7% too!

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