We’ve been recently gone through a renovation.

We’ve been recently gone through a renovation and I can tell you all that tiny particles from paint, sanding, dust can degrade the air quality to a very unhealthy level.

Thanks to @afloiaofficial that kindly gifted our family the GALA Air Purifier, now we feel the difference of the air quality at home. (ad)

I can feel the clear breathing and comfortable sleeping without feeling it {it has no noise AT ALL!!}.

I’m in love with the aesthetic of this purifier and it also has lights that indicate the air quality – blue for good and red for bad.

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  1. Anthony Majewski 5 days ago

    Where the FUCK are the GALA replacement filters!

    I’m writing the Better Business Bureau tomorrow.

    Fuck this shit. Either return my money and replace a brand new purifier for free for all the goddamn fucking stress you’ve caused or we’re going forward.

    Worst fucking company ever. Pathetic Assholes.

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